This Year’s Summer Reading Programs in OKC Are Better Than Ever

This Year's Summer Reading Programs in OKC Are Better Than Ever

School is over, but for parents who do not want their kids to stop learning over the summer, they may be looking for educational programs in which they can enroll their kids.  That is why summer reading programs continue to be popular in Oklahoma City. This year, the Metropolitan Library System will once again host summer reading programs to encourage children and teens to continue reading and learning, even during summer break. The theme is “Dig Into Reading”.

The summer reading programs are offered to children of all ages in the metropolitan area, ranging from early childhood to teens. Each program will include reading, fun activities, and rewards. This year, about 14,000 books are available for reading, and prizes are being donated by Sonic.

Program games for each category will have different criteria and goals. For early childhood, the program is open to children ranging from newborns to preschoolers. The goal is to read to your child or listen to a book for three hours. The older children category is open to kids from kindergarten to 6th grade with the goal of reading or listening for 6 hours. The teen category is for 7th to 12th graders, and teens will need to read or listen for 8 hours.  Prizes await those who reach their goals.  Children will win a free book, coupons to area attractions, and backpacks.

Aside from the reading games, there will also be other activities and free music programs and concerts. Artwork and programming are also available. The summer reading programs run through July 31st.

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