Incorporating Rock Wall Designs into Your Home

Incorporating Rock Wall Designs into Your Home

Rocks are one of the most widely used materials for home construction. Oftentimes, they are used as part of the foundation, walls, or floors. There are many other ways you can use rock in the interior and exterior of your home, however.  Current home designers are integrating the use of rock wall designs to add more style and natural appeal to their homes. It is a great way to make a home feel more stylish and fresh.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a lovely landscape foundation using rock walls. Build a small wall around your flower bed to add to its overall design. You can make it curvy or straight to create a gardening style that is all your own.
  • Add rocks to your bathroom wall. We all want a bathroom that makes us feel comfortable and warm. Using natural materials inside your bathroom can achieve a more relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. Use a ceiling-to-floor rock wall by your vanity with varying rock sizes and colors.  Or, take it to the next level, and use stones as the floor of your shower.
  • Build natural patio seats. Instead of using wood or other materials, use a low rock wall for patio seating. It will easily blend with your patio and natural surroundings.  You can even modify the top of your seats for added comfort by using a flat and smooth stone or customized cushions.
  • Install a fountain on your courtyard. According to Feng Shui, adding moving water to your home can improve the flow of positive energy. A grand fountain at the end of your yard will provide a relaxing spot, where you can rest all day or meditate.
  • Surround your indoor fireplace with a rock wall formation. Normally, we see homes with fireplaces made of cement or brick. Why not use an alternative material? Large rocks piled around your fireplace can create a breathtaking visual. It will help make your fireplace a greater focal point and more inviting, especially on colder nights.
  • Build a multi-layer terrace outside your home. If you have ample space in your backyard,  build three to four layers of stone terrace to cascade down your lawn. Decorate each layer with blooming flowers of different colors and watch your landscaping transform before your eyes.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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