Tips for Buying New Rugs and Carpet for Your Home

Tips for Buying New Rugs and Carpet for Your Home

Adding a new rug to your home can completely change the look of a room.  With so many styles to choose from, you can augment the look of your floor without having to replace your entire flooring. In addition, rugs serve as a protective layer on your floor, especially in high foot traffic areas.

Below are some tips for buying the perfect rug or carpet for your home:

  • Know the different styles of rugs. Having the knowledge of the various options you have can enable you to choose which one is the best to buy. Rugs come in different styles, from plush to textured, simple to ornate.  Know what kind of style you want to see on your floor, so you have a guideline to work with.
  • Check for hidden costs. If you are opting for carpet, there may be added charges for delivery, installation, or moving your furniture. Understand fully what you are paying for before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Don’t skimp on your padding. You may be enticed to choose the cheapest padding for your carpet in order to save money, but in the long run, you won’t. A cheap material may save you a few bucks up front, but you will also end up spending much more on repairs or replacement. Try to invest in high quality padding. Remember that your carpet padding offers both cushion and added protection. It also makes your carpet more durable against easy wear and tear.
  • Choose something stain resistant. There are certain rugs and carpets that come in stain resistant fabric, so you won’t have to worry if something spills. Though these do come with an added cost, just think of the time and money you will save when it comes to maintenance.
  • Select a good color. Your rug or carpet should be a home-maker, not a home-breaker. Choosing an appropriate color and design will help enhance the look of your interior.
  • Ask for the warranty. Anytime you make a larger purchase, request a warranty to cover any expenses or damage that may arise unexpectedly.

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Oklahoma City Realtors


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