Making Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

Making Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

There are many ways your kids can enjoy their summertime at home. They can play in the backyard, swim in the pool, watch TV in the living room, or play inside their rooms. Some kids even want to help out in the kitchen because they are fascinated by the way you prepare and cook their food.

Making your kitchen kid-friendly makes it possible for your kids to stay in the kitchen with you at any time without you worrying if something bad will happen to them. Kitchens contain some dangerous items, such as hot objects, sharp knives, electrical wires, and slippery floors. But, there are ways you can minimize those risks and make the area safer for your children.

Below are some effective solutions for how you can make your kitchen kid-friendly:

  • Add kid-friendly seats. Most kitchen chairs are designed for adults, and kids find it difficult to sit in them and adjust themselves. Give them their own, special seat that makes it easier for them to climb up and down and sit down and watch. Be sure it has a nice cushion, so it is soft for them when they sit and can protect them if they bump into it.
  • Store all poisonous materials on the top shelves, where your kids could never reach them even if  they climbed on a chair. Kids will always have a curious hand. But, keeping unnecessary things away from them will prevent them from putting themselves at risk.
  • Avoid placing a tablecloth over your kitchen table. The dangling part of the table cloth can be pulled by your child, taking down everything on the table.
  • Place food and things your kid need in the lower shelves. It makes it easier for them to get what they need without having to climb up a table or a chair or ask you for help.
  • Install cabinet locks. Secure your cabinets, especially where you store kitchen utensils and cleaning products, with cabinet locks. It makes it significantly more difficult for your child to open the doors and keeps the contents inside away from them.
  • Add an anti-slip rug. Your kitchen floor can be slippery and wet sometimes. This makes it easier to fall and slip. Use anti-slip rugs to keep your floors dry and provide a softer landing if someone does indeed fall.

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