How to Avoid Electrical Hazards Inside Your Home

How to Avoid Electrical Hazards Inside Your Home

Electrical fire is a common occurrence during the hot summer months because many homes utilize more energy, especially when it comes to cooling their homes. Air conditioning added to the use of electric fans, televisions, computers, and other entertainment devices used by kids while they’re out of school starts to add up from an electric usage perspective.

Practicing electrical safety is one way to ensure that your house is safe from possible fire due to electrical overload. You can start by plugging in fewer electrical devices at one time, so they will not easily overheat. Here are some other useful tips you can follow to ensure proper electrical safety:

  • Have your electrical wiring checked. It is recommended to have your home checked by an electrician for faulty wires or other signs of electrical hazards. This way, if you find any faulty wires, they can be replaced before they have the chance to cause any damage.
  • Avoid overloading your electrical sockets. There are so many things to do at home that require plugging in. But, what you may fail to realize is that using an electrical fan while charging your phone, while working on your computer, while watching TV can overload your circuits and cause a potential fire or shocks.  Plug into different outlets if you need to plug in more devices. Otherwise, let the others wait.
  • Listen to your appliances. Are there times that you feel a slight shock from your appliance?  Is the fuse broken?  If there are signs of abnormalities in your appliance, do not hesitate to have it checked. These are signs that there is something wrong with it.
  • Manage your electrical cords safely. There are times when your electrical cords may become pinched between furniture or get tacked down. If this happens, the insulation within the wiring can easily become damaged, and the added pressure can compress the conducting wire.
  • Use outlet covers. If you have kids at home, it is recommended to install covers on your outlets. This will discourage them from putting their hands inside the outlet and risk getting shocked.

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