Immunization Offered in Oklahoma for Students

Immunization Offered in Oklahoma for Students

Proper immunization is important for helping protect a child from possible diseases. Doses of immunization can shield your child from measles, the flu, polio, and tetanus. It is important for kids to complete their immunization process, so their body can build up strength against the different activities, people, and changes in the environment that it will encounter.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health and Oklahoma schools require students to be immunized with several vaccines before the new 2013-2014 school year begins.  Parents are encouraged to check their children’s shot records for missing vaccines, so they can bring everything up to date before school begins.

Kindergarteners are required to have a second dose of MMR, fourth dose of polio, fifth dose of DTaP, and second dose of Varicella.  Seventh graders are required to have TDaP booster.  Preteens and teens can also get the HPV vaccine and the MCV4 vaccine.

The Oklahoma Caring Van Program, along with the Oklahoma City-County Health Department, is providing access to vaccinations for children, especially those who are Medicaid eligible, uninsured, and Native American. Shots are given on a weekly schedule, starting today, Friday, through next Friday. Parents who want to have their kids vaccinated will need to bring their current shot records.  There is no need to schedule appointments.

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