How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

A garden with colorful flowers and lovely landscaping is complete once birds come to visit and add life to the area. Bird lovers and watchers love having birds in their gardens, especially if there are different kinds of species and colors flying around and perching on branches. It is a beauty to behold, not to mention a relaxing addition to your garden.

Birds can make you feel closer to nature, especially when they sing their song and flutter their wings. In order for you to see more birds in your garden, you must make it welcoming to them. Make your garden an attractive refuge for birds by following these tips:

  • Plant flowers and trees that birds will love. There are certain native flowering plants that will be naturally appealing to regional birds. Some birds love to drink the nectar of selected plants,  while others find them to be the perfect place to build a nest. Plant them in the center of your garden to create a “bird bush” where birds can flock.
  • Add a bird bath. Birds love to drink water and bathe, especially during the hot days of summer. Add a well-designed bird bath that will not only attract birds, but will also leave a beautiful, lasting impression in your garden.
  • Keep threats away.  If you have a pet cat, keep it indoors so birds can freely roam around your garden without being attacked.
  • Offer food. Even in parks, birds will come to you if you have food set out for them. Install a bird feeder, so birds can freely come and go to feed themselves.
  • Give them shelter or materials to build their nest. Birds build their nests to lay their eggs and keep them warm and safe. Give them a good place to secure their nest or provide some materials to help them build one.  A birdhouse is one way to add décor to your garden while providing shelter for birds.
  • Avoid using pesticides in your garden. Pesticides can easily harm the birds you are trying to attract and will deter them.  Use natural materials when it comes to your garden.

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