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Department of Health Programs Help Keep Oklahomans Healthy

Department of Health Programs Help Keep Oklahomans Healthy

Health is important to any community because it reduces the amount of sickness and unproductivity within the populace. People who are advocates of good health stress the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle and finding ways to maintain a healthy body and mind at all times.

The Oklahoma Department of Health supports the advocacy of staying healthy by introducing wellness programs into the community. These programs have different goals, but are united in one common denominator – to maintain good health among the residents. Wellness programs are offered continuously and are open to the public.

There are different programs that the Department of Health focuses on. There is Worksite Wellness, a program that encourages healthy employees; Physical Activity and Nutrition, which primarily concentrates on reducing the level of obesity in the community; and the Tobacco Program, which is a monitored program on tobacco use.

The effects of these programs are significant to many people, who experience a better lifestyle and healthy body and mind as a result. There is also a noteworthy reduction in health care costs, the number of obese children and adults, and smoking rates and smoke-related diseases. All of these programs are available to the public and people are encouraged to participate.

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Tips for Maintaining Home Electrical Safety

Tips for Maintaining Home Electrical Safety

Safety should always be a top priority around your home. As much as possible, you want to keep your home clean, organized, and hazard free. If you implement proper safety measures, you can  minimize the risks and hazards that could harm you and your family.

One of the riskiest aspects of a home is the electricity. There are constantly instances of houses catching fire due to faulty electrical work or electrical shortages. Preventing house fires is one reason to make sure you maintain proper electrical safety, but there are other reasons as well.    Proper electrical work will help extend the life of your home appliances and other electrical devices. It will also help you save more energy, which consequently saves you money.  Lastly, it keeps you safe and secure because it minimizes the chances of you being electrocuted.

To help you properly maintain your home electricity, here are a few useful tips you can follow:

  • Keep your home dust-free. Dust accumulation is not only unhealthy, but it can also create cause major electrical hazards.  When dust accumulates in your electrical devices or outlets, they will run ineffectively, which can cause them to break or even catch fire.
  • Leave the electrical repairs to the experts. Do not attempt to do any electrical repairs yourself, especially if you do not have the education and experience to do them.  There are major risks involved in electrical repairs and saving money up front by not paying an electrician is not worth it if your life is at stake.
  • Avoid overloading an outlet. Do not try to insert too many plugs into a single outlet. If you have other electrical outlets at home, try to utilize them in order to keep the electrical flow balanced.
  • Unplug appliances when they are not in use. Aside from saving you money on energy costs, it is also safer because it prevents the possibility of an electrical shortage from happening.
  • Schedule a regular electrical checkup. This will ensure that your electrical wires are not faulty and everything is safe and secure.

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Simple and Easy Guide to Interior Design

Simple and Easy Guide to Interior Design

Most people usually perceive decorating their home or office as a somewhat difficult task. In reality, however, designing your place can be done easily if it is planned well. There are just a few factors you have to keep in mind to keep your project organized and on track.

  • Your budget should be the first thing to consider. Problems can occur during the design process if you make mistakes, need to redo something, but don’t have the money for the materials because you chose something that was too expensive.  Conversely, if you settle for materials that are too cheap, you can compromise the durability of your project, which can lead to expensive repairs down the road.   So, take a look at the big picture and determine everything that needs to be done, so you can figure out in advance where you can splurge and where you need to cut corners to ensure a high-quality, yet affordable result.
  • Establish your design goal.  It can be difficult to settle on a design them because there are so many styles to choose from.  A personalized theme is usually the best way to eliminate the confusion.  Mix and match concepts that you love to create something that is unique to you.  You can also seek advice from an experienced professional if you are in need of directly.
  • Determine your color palette. The colors you use have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a room.  Consider the vibe you are wanting to achieve and make sure that the color you choose matches it. Mix and match the furniture with the right colour to ensure that you will have positive results.
  • Consider lighting.   Lighting is another very important element in a room.  Do you want as much natural light as possible to filter into a room.  Or, do you prefer mood lighting that would require recessed lighting and space for lots of lamps?  Figure out what feeling you’re trying to achieve and address your lighting sources accordingly.
  • Maintain functionality.  With every decision you make, ask yourself if it is going to meet the needs of your family or the people who will use the room. For instance, you are designing a room for your children, make sure that the cabinets are accessible within their reach.  If you are designing an office, make sure that there are enough cabinets to store files. Also consider the amount of furniture you put into a room, so you don’t overcrowd it.

The overall appearance of a room matched with its functionality is the perfect combination in every room. The overall result will provide you with comfort and style, and you will be satisfied knowing you saved money by designing your room all by yourself.

Heather & Alan Davis
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Citizens board approves streetcar route through Oklahoma City central business district

Citizens board approves streetcar route through downtown Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City could be poised to catch innovation’s leading edge with its downtown streetcar.

The city council is expected to vote next month to approve a streetcar route, as work shifts from planning to design and, starting in 2015, digging up streets and laying tracks.

Streetcars should be traversing the 4.6-mile loop linking MidTown to Bricktown in 2017.

By then, advancements could enable the 66-foot coaches to cover significant portions of the route without needing overhead wires to supply power.

Lee Nichols, a senior planner with Jacobs, the city’s lead streetcar consultant, said Thursday that “hybrid” streetcars, with sections off wires, are being developed in Seattle and Dallas.

There’s a growing desire to be off-wire, reducing the clutter in busy urban settings, and advances in battery and other technologies increasingly make that possible, Nichols said.

Oklahoma City’s streetcar already will require an off-wire solution for crossing under BNSF railroad tracks between downtown and Bricktown.

Even in areas where service begins with overhead wires, it could be possible to take some down as technology improves, Nichols said.

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Working Mom Tips for Organizing Your Home

Working Mom Tips for Organizing Your Home

Juggling time between work and home can be a tough job. But, for a working mom, it is a necessity. Working moms want to keep things in order around the house, but they also want to maintain their job satisfaction and focus on their careers. In order for working moms to pursue their career dreams without neglecting their domestic duties, organization is required.

Below are some helpful tips on how you can keep your home well organized even in the midst of your busy days:

  • Practice the golden rule of “clean as you go.”  It’s much easier to maintain things than to repair them.  Maintaining order in your living room, dining room, and kitchen will make clean up a breeze.  There will be fewer things to clean, and you will save a lot of time that you can then spend on your family.
  • Make the kids participate in cleaning. Try to make a game out of cleaning, so your kids will be more encouraged to help you. For instance, you can set a time challenge for them when they clean their bedrooms. If they clean all of their toys in twenty minutes, they are rewarded with ice cream or a small prize. When incentive and fun are involved, kids are more willing to participate.
  • Add more storage spaces. You will soon realize the benefit of added storage space for keeping extra things around the house. It reduces the stress of trying to figure out where to put things, and it frees up living space, so you can enjoy it more.
  • Store less and donate more. Even if you do have extra storage spaces at home, if you don’t throw  Every couple of months, sort things in your house and choose some items that can be donated to charity or given to friends. Fewer things means fewer cleanups.
  • Plan ahead. Make a list of your meals in advance, so you know what to buy ahead of time in order to avoid procrastination. You can also create a to-do list in advance and establish a schedule of when you will complete each task.  For example, get your coffee pot ready before you go to bed, so all you have to do is push “Start” when you wake up.  Get a head start on packing lunches the night before.

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Redesign Your Home with Carpet Tiles

Redesign Your Home with Carpet Tiles

Are you getting bored with your current home interior and the environment it creates? Do you want to update it and give it a better, more pleasant look? If so, there is a flooring solution that could be the perfect option for you: carpet tiles.

When it comes to choosing the right flooring option for your home, never limit yourself to only wood floors or conventional carpeting.  Carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares, are a current decorating trend that has become quite popular.  They are a unique concept that allows you to enhance the look of your home interior in a smarter way.

Here are a few advantages of using carpet tiles:

  1. It is cost-effective.

Carpet tiles are cheaper than conventional carpeting that is installed in one large piece.  You can find carpet squares for as little as $1 to $40 per square foot, depending on their size, density, and thickness.

  1. Easy and Less Expensive Installation.

Carpet tiles come with instructions for easy installation.  This saves you the cost of hiring professional carpet installers, which is usually the biggest cost of installing traditional carpets. Carpet tiles can be easily installed no matter what type of surface you have, whether you place them on vinyl, concrete, or laminate flooring.  Some floor tiles don’t even require adhesive to attach to the floor. Just make sure you clean the floor surface before installation, so that there is no dust that will get stuck under the tiles.  This will give you an even and well-finished look.

  1. Availability of Carpet Tiles.

Another asset of carpet tiles is that they come in different shapes and sizes. They are also available in a variety of thickness, you can choose from a variety of options, depending on what you need. Carpet tiles also come in any color, texture, or pattern that you can imagine, which allows you to easily mix and match them to fit the overall design of your room.

  1. Simple Maintenance

Carpet tiles are easier to maintain than traditional carpeting.  If any of the tiles need to be repaired or cleaned, they can be easily lifted, cleaned, dried, or even replaced.

Using carpet tiles is one of the most cost-effective ways to get a completely fresh look for your home interiors, so check into the options today.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors

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More Sidewalks Planned in Oklahoma City as Part of MAPS 3 Project

More Sidewalks Planned in Oklahoma City as Part of MAPS 3 Project

Safety among pedestrians is one of the most important issues in a community.  Sidewalks are built to give them a safe place to pass through traffic, and in Oklahoma City, as a part of the MAPS 3 project, new sidewalks are being constructed all over the city. The project will enhance roadsides and will make it easier for pedestrians to pass through and avoid road accidents. An estimated $9 million will be allocated to this project.

MAPS 3 is an ongoing improvement project in Oklahoma City.  Different beautification projects have been planned and scheduled over a period of 10 years to enhance the quality of life in the city and improve the local economy.

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett and MAPS 3 Citizen Advisory Board Chair Tom McDaniel will be celebrating the launching of the new sidewalks project on August 19 at 10:00 a.m. at the N Western between NW 104 and NW 104 Terrace.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors

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