Healthy Breakfasts Offered in Public School Cafeterias

Healthy Breakfasts Offered in Public School Cafeterias

Practicing healthy eating habits is important for children as they begin to develop routines in their lives.  When they eat healthily, they have better immune systems, they are less prone to illnesses, and they have more active minds.

To promote a healthy eating habits in school, the US Department of Agriculture, along with the local school districts, has created new meal guidelines that will increase the amount of healthy foods in school cafeterias. The new national meal guidelines will feature more fruits and whole grains during breakfast in schools.

The goal of the new meal guidelines is to help kids become healthier and more active in school. It is also geared toward reducing hunger among kids and discouraging obesity caused by unhealthy foods. The program is targeting breakfast time because it is the most important meal of the day.

According to the new meal guideline, there will be an increase of fruit servings from ½ cup to 1 cup. Fruits served will be in different ways, including canned, fresh, and frozen. Whole grains will also be featured in greater servings.

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