How to Design an Eco-friendly Home

How to Design an Eco-friendly Home

Having an eco-friendly house is a great way for homeowners to enjoy a comfortable living space without producing harmful effects that compromise Mother Nature.  Some people may think that having a green home requires a huge investment, but the truth is, while you do have to invest a little more than you would with a regular home, the overall savings in the long run make every penny worth it. You save money on energy and water usage, while simultaneously preserving important natural resources.

If you decide to design your own green home, here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Integrate solar panels on your roof. Solar panels are practical solutions for energy conservation because you can make use of the free energy provided by the sun.  By utilizing free energy,  your overall energy bill will drop significantly.
  • Use bamboo floors. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials available given its easy and fast growth. You can have the same lovely appearance of any hardwood floor if you use bamboo, but its environmental impact is much lower since it regenerates so quickly.
  • Avoid paints with VOCs. As much as possible opt for naturally-based paints instead.
  • Insulate properly. Good insulation can minimize the amount of air that escapes outside and also prevents outside air from coming in.  This helps you maintain your desired temperature in your house without making your air conditioning and heating units work as hard.
  • Collect and use rain water. If you need to water plants, clean the driveway, or wash your car, rain water is ideal to use.  By purchasing a big rain barrel, you can gather rain and make use of a free resource for water-hogging activities.
  • Choose furniture made of sustainable materials. There are a lot of options when it comes to sustainable furniture. Eco-friendly furniture comes in many lovely designs to fit your home interior. Do your research online or ask for recommendations.
  • Let the sun shine in. Make use of natural light to brighten your home during the day. Add bigger windows so it is easy for the sun’s rays to come in.  This prevents you from having to use electric lighting as much.

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