Simple and Easy Guide to Interior Design

Simple and Easy Guide to Interior Design

Most people usually perceive decorating their home or office as a somewhat difficult task. In reality, however, designing your place can be done easily if it is planned well. There are just a few factors you have to keep in mind to keep your project organized and on track.

  • Your budget should be the first thing to consider. Problems can occur during the design process if you make mistakes, need to redo something, but don’t have the money for the materials because you chose something that was too expensive.  Conversely, if you settle for materials that are too cheap, you can compromise the durability of your project, which can lead to expensive repairs down the road.   So, take a look at the big picture and determine everything that needs to be done, so you can figure out in advance where you can splurge and where you need to cut corners to ensure a high-quality, yet affordable result.
  • Establish your design goal.  It can be difficult to settle on a design them because there are so many styles to choose from.  A personalized theme is usually the best way to eliminate the confusion.  Mix and match concepts that you love to create something that is unique to you.  You can also seek advice from an experienced professional if you are in need of directly.
  • Determine your color palette. The colors you use have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a room.  Consider the vibe you are wanting to achieve and make sure that the color you choose matches it. Mix and match the furniture with the right colour to ensure that you will have positive results.
  • Consider lighting.   Lighting is another very important element in a room.  Do you want as much natural light as possible to filter into a room.  Or, do you prefer mood lighting that would require recessed lighting and space for lots of lamps?  Figure out what feeling you’re trying to achieve and address your lighting sources accordingly.
  • Maintain functionality.  With every decision you make, ask yourself if it is going to meet the needs of your family or the people who will use the room. For instance, you are designing a room for your children, make sure that the cabinets are accessible within their reach.  If you are designing an office, make sure that there are enough cabinets to store files. Also consider the amount of furniture you put into a room, so you don’t overcrowd it.

The overall appearance of a room matched with its functionality is the perfect combination in every room. The overall result will provide you with comfort and style, and you will be satisfied knowing you saved money by designing your room all by yourself.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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