Department of Health Programs Help Keep Oklahomans Healthy

Department of Health Programs Help Keep Oklahomans Healthy

Health is important to any community because it reduces the amount of sickness and unproductivity within the populace. People who are advocates of good health stress the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle and finding ways to maintain a healthy body and mind at all times.

The Oklahoma Department of Health supports the advocacy of staying healthy by introducing wellness programs into the community. These programs have different goals, but are united in one common denominator – to maintain good health among the residents. Wellness programs are offered continuously and are open to the public.

There are different programs that the Department of Health focuses on. There is Worksite Wellness, a program that encourages healthy employees; Physical Activity and Nutrition, which primarily concentrates on reducing the level of obesity in the community; and the Tobacco Program, which is a monitored program on tobacco use.

The effects of these programs are significant to many people, who experience a better lifestyle and healthy body and mind as a result. There is also a noteworthy reduction in health care costs, the number of obese children and adults, and smoking rates and smoke-related diseases. All of these programs are available to the public and people are encouraged to participate.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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