Keeping Your Bathroom Safe for Your Kids

Keeping Your Bathroom Safe for Your Kids

When you have kids, you want to be sure every part of your house is safe and secure for them. Nothing feels worse than when you see them falling down on a wet floor or cutting themselves with misplaced scissors. You want to know that your home is a place where you can feel at peace knowing that your kids are in a danger-free zone.

The bathroom is one of the most perilous places for your kids if you are not cautious. Unfortunately, it is also a place where they spend quite a bit of time in a day because they have to go to the bathroom, brush their teeth, and take a bath.

To help you make your bathroom a safe place for your kids, here are a few useful tips you can follow:

  • Install door locks on your bathroom cabinets, so certain items remain out of reach of your kids.  For instance, keep your medicine locked inside the cabinet, so their curious hands will not get a hold of it and you won’t have to worry about them consuming something that could be harmful to them.
  • Add a non-slip mat on the floor to prevent falls. When your child gets out of the tub they have wet hands and feet. If there is nothing on the floor to support them, they can easily slip and fall. You can also add a non-slip mat or adhesives to your bathtub to protect them if they take a shower.
  • Do not place electrical cords or plugs within your child’s reach. As much as possible, store a high place or behind cabinet doors.
  • Never leave your child alone inside the bathroom, especially if they are taking a bath.  It only takes a second for accidents to happen, and you need to be there if they do. If you must leave for a minute, keep the door open so you can hear them and be alerted if something goes wrong.
  • Keep the bathroom floor as dry as possible. Do not allow standing water to stay on the floor, as it can cause slips and falls or electrocution. After you or your child takes a bath, sop up any water that resides on the floor afterward.
  • Install bars around the bathtub for added support. Teach your kids to use the bars to help them get up safely.
  • Make sure there is enough lighting in your bathroom. Enable your kids to see everything clearly, so they will be more aware if there is something harmful near them.
  • Enhance ventilation in the bathroom. Keep your bathroom well-ventilated to let the bad air out and the good air in. In addition, also maintain stable humidity levels.

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