Oklahoma CNG Conversion Technicians Need State Training to Operate

Oklahoma CNG Conversion Technicians Need State Training to Operate

The need for healthier and cleaner air is encouraging more people to convert their vehicles from diesel fuel to compressed natural gas. Compressed natural gas, or CNG, is a widely known fossil fuel substitute for diesel fuel and gasoline that is more eco-friendly and healthier. Cars that are CNG-powered enjoy lower maintenance costs as well as higher vehicle efficiency.

The State of Oklahoma is now adapting to CNG-powered vehicles. Local government officials are supporting the new transportation lifestyle with bills that will support the use of CNG-powered vehicles in the state.

Lawmakers recently passed a bill stating that conversion technicians must have proper state training before handling an operation. The bill explains the advantages of working with someone who is properly trained and also stresses the implications of hiring a technician without proper training. The goal is to ensure work efficiency and minimize damages that could occur. The new bill also requires proper regulation of fueling stations and CNG pumps.

Vehicle owners who want to convert their cars into CNG-powered vehicles should verify with their desired technicians that they are certified to handle such conversions and that they have the proper registration and trainings. The Office of Management and Enterprise Services has a list of registered technicians that is available to the public.

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