More Volunteer Drivers Needed for RSVP Provide-A-Ride

More Volunteer Drivers Needed for RSVP Provide-A-Ride

As seniors grow older, they can sometimes have a hard time travelling to places due to limiting health conditions.  They still have doctor’s appointments and social engagements they must attend, however, which means they have to find a way to get there.  Seniors who live alone or have no private transportation often struggle with the issue of commuting, and as a result, some end up missing their appointments, even if they are important.

RSVP Provide-A-Ride is a wonderful program that helps seniors with their travel and transportation dilemmas. RSVP Provide-A-Ride, through a network of volunteers, provides seniors with convenient transportation and helps them make their doctor’s appointment without having to deal with the hassle of public commuting.  Since 1995, Provide-A-Ride has served hundreds of senior citizens around the state, and around 500 rides are offered each month.

Because of their efficient program, more seniors are now in need of their services. RSVP Provide-A-Ride is now asking for more volunteer drivers who would want to offer some of their spare time to help other seniors get to their important appointments.

Volunteer drivers need to be at least 55 years old and have a car.  People who volunteer to be drivers can choose their own schedule and geographic areas, and a handicap parking permit is provided for parking ease.  They also receive free supplemental accident and liability insurance and are reimbursed for their gas mileage.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors



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