How to Achieve a Minimalist Design in Your Living Room


The minimalist interior design style has been popular for many years now, and it is often considered by homeowners because it is fresh, sleek, and light on the eyes.  Incorporating this design into your living room means dealing with less clutter, which makes your space feel more open and easier to clean.  It helps simplify your life and make you feel more relaxed once you come home from a hard day’s work.

In order to successfully achieve this stunning and functional design, here are some important factors you should take into consideration:

  1. Choose a color scheme. Use lighter colors such as white, off-white, grey, and beige. You can also choose earthy colors like brown, tan, or green. If you want to incorporate bolder color, paint only one wall with a vibrant color and use it as your accent wall.
  2. Install suitable lighting. Proper lighting is a wonderful addition to any minimalist design. You can install pendant lights or recessed lighting instead of using a lot of lamps. Pin lights can maintain that clean look while providing adequate lighting for your room. You can also install a dimmer on your light switches, so you can control the mood of the room. Dimming the lights will help you achieve a more relaxing ambiance when you want one.
  3. Select furniture wisely. Pick furniture and accessories that have basic designs and simple, clean lines.  In addition, only purchase furniture that is necessary.
  4. Avoid placing too many items on your wall. It is advisable to use bigger wall decor to create a bolder statement rather than putting up a bunch of smaller items.  It creates a cleaner look.   Frames should be simple and a solid color.

If you think that simplicity is the best form of complexity, then a minimalist interior design could be right for your home.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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