OKC Positive Tomorrows Provides Better Life for Homeless Children

OKC Positive Tomorrows Provides Better Life for Homeless Children

There are many children in Oklahoma that become homeless due to violence, poverty, or the death of their parents.  If left unattended, their state of uncertainty can cause them to lose hope in their future and resort to illegal activity in order to survive.

Positive Tomorrows is a private elementary school in Oklahoma City that provides education, support, and care to children who are homeless. The school’s primary goal is to help homeless children obtain the proper education and nurturing they need to help them escape their situation. Positive Tomorrows reinforces a strong standard of education like any other elementary school, while also strongly emphasizing to children that there are people who still care for and love them.

The private school has been in operation for 24 years and has served hundreds of children over that time. Children who have graduated from the school have gone on to live normal lives and, to this day, can recall how the school’s advocacy helped them find hope and meaning in their lives. The school not only offers educational and emotional support, but also provides clothing and food.

Because it is limited to homeless children, Positive Tomorrows lost its federal funding and continues to rely on private funding each year to help the homeless children who pass through its doors. Administrators are currently seeking additional support because the school is in need of a bigger building to meet the growing needs of the children and the managing of the school.

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