Common Clutter Culprits at Home

Home office

Clutter can create massive chaos at home, especially if you have a limited space. Small homes can look messy even with just minimal amounts of clutter.  Organizing your home properly starts with identifying the source of the clutter. Though we can start fixing things up, if you don’t identify where the clutter is coming from in the first place, it will inevitable reemerge.  So, before you start cleaning, identify what is causing your clutter and begin working from there.

Below are some of the common culprits of clutter at home:

  • Office desk – Have you seen your office desk lately? Yes, you have tons of paperwork to do, but scattering papers, clips, staples, and pens on top of the table will only make it more difficult to accomplish.  Most of us have the habit of putting things on top of our desks with the intention of putting them away soon, but they end up staying there for indefinite periods of time.  So, clean as you go and put your things where they belong from the beginning.
  • Mudroom – This room is where we keep everything “dirty”, so nothing unclean comes into the house. But, the mudroom is still a part of your home and leaving it scruffy will only contribute to the mess. Have an area where you can keep all dirty shoes in one place, an area where you hang coats, and a bin where you can keep umbrellas.
  • Closet – Open your closet and you will likely see a pile of mess on the floor. The closet is where we store most of our extra things, and it’s common to open the door and just throw something in there without really realizing where you’re putting it. The best thing to do is to designate areas where things go. For instance, hang hats and jackets on the back of the door. Add small storages spaces and label them, so you can easily reference where something should go.
  • Kitchen counter – Cooking meals can be a rigorous task and often creates a mess. But, that is no excuse for allowing your kitchen to become cluttered. To help you keep your kitchen counters clean, keep kitchen essentials within reach, so you can easily put them back after use.

Clutter may sometimes be unavoidable inside the house. However, knowing the culprits of the clutter and finding solutions for how to offset them can help you keep our home clean and well- organized.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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