Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean that your space has to be difficult to use.  If you have a smaller kitchen, simply use it as an opportunity to flex your creative muscles and maximize its efficiency. Below are some ideas for how you can make better use of your small area.

  1. Add more lighting and paint the walls a light color. By using strong lighting and colors  like white or pale tones, you kitchen will appear wider than it really is. Lighter and brighter colors reflect light better than darker ones and also create the illusion of a more expansive area.
  2. Use as much vertical space as possible. Cover your walls with cabinetry and shelves and install hooks for hanging your utensils. Leave as much floor and overhead space available as possible, so it will be easier for you to move around and work.  Also try to look for clever, small kitchen design solutions such as hidden plinth drawers or pull-out tables.
  3. Clutter-top space. Examine everything that is currently on your counter tops and determine if they really need to be there. Decide if the item can be stored in a cupboard or on a shelf, so you can free up counter top space and create more to cook.
  4. Open up smaller areas. If you have a door that is blocking off your kitchen, consider removing it. This will give your kitchen freer movement and will allow it to flow better with the rest of the house. Avoid putting things like trashcans on the floor in plain sight; use smaller ones instead of larger ones and store them in lower cabinets.
  5. Install an island if possible. Installing an island in the center of the kitchen will add counter space and storage space.

There are plenty of ways to make a small kitchen feel larger and create a space that is more efficient and easy to use.  All it takes is vision and creativity, and you would be amazed by what you can achieve.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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