Edmond Fire Department Evaluated for Better Fire-fighting Processes

Edmond Fire Department Evaluated for Better Fire-fighting Processes

Saving lives and fighting fires faster are the two most important challenges that firefighters face.  To better enhance the fire-fighting process, local officials in Edmond are evaluating the current home fire dynamics of the Edmond Fire Department. Underwriters Laboratories is examining the residential fire dynamics of the city and suggesting ways to reduce fire hazards in homes and help make them less prone to easy damage in fires.

According to the organization, residences that have larger structures, increased fuel loads, open home geometrics, and new construction materials are more prone to faster fire propagation and shorter escape time. They also have a shorter time to flashover, which is when combustible materials reach their ignition temperature points.

The fire department is implementing better ways to strengthen their fire-fighting processes by introducing video camera trainings for firefighters to see the real effects of fire on new materials. This enables them them have a visual perspective of what may happen rather than simply reading about it in training materials.

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