Flu Shots Offered to OKC Seniors

Flu Shots Offered to OKC Seniors
There are many instances in which the flu can lead to hospitalization and even death. Those who fail to strengthen their body’s immune system are usually more prone to flu-related ailments. This is especially true for seniors who already deal with other illnesses and body complications.

Now that we are entering the cold months, flu cases are on the rise, and one way of fighting it off is to get a flu vaccine shot. In Oklahoma City, health officials are encouraging all seniors citizens to get a flu shot, which are available at health departments, pharmacies, and even retail stores.

Three kinds of vaccines are available to seniors: the trivalent flu vaccine, quadrivalent flu vaccine, and high-dose vaccine. The trivalent flu vaccine is protects against three of the most common strains of the flu virus, while the quadrivalent flu vaccine protects against four. Seniors ages 65 and up are recommended to have the higher-dose flu shot.

Seniors who have healthcare plans and Medicare can have their flu shots covered by insurance.

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