OKC YWCA Plans to Build New Shelter

OKC YWCA Plans to Build New Shelter

Many people who have been caught in the middle of a crime or a life-threatening dilemma often need help. Safety is a major issue and people must know how to protect themselves against those who try to do them harm.

A lot of women in Oklahoma City who have experienced violence have turned to the YWCA in order to stay safe. The YWCA Oklahoma City is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower and support women, as well as protect them from domestic violence and sexual assault. For many years, the organization has worked to protect women and children against predators.

Because of the increasing number of women and children helped by the YWCA, the current shelter that houses them is almost full. That is why the YWCA plans to build a new shelter to accommodate more of the people who turn to them for help. The women’s organization has already raised the $15 million necessary to build a bigger shelter.  It will have 120 beds, more than twice as the existing shelter, which has only 52 beds. The YWCA plans to have the groundbreaking this fall.

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