Picking the Right Type of Garage Door

Picking the Right Type of Garage Door

In order to contribute to the value of your home, you should choose a garage door that is practical and, at the same time, attractive.   There are different types of garage doors that are available on the hardware market these days, so you are sure to find something that fits your style and needs. They are Canopy Side, Retractable, Roller, and Side Hinge Doors.

  1. Canopy Side. The canopy door swings outward as it opens and slides upward into the ceiling of the garage, leaving about one-third of the door jutting out from the garage. The advantage of this type of door is that it takes up less room inside the garage than other options.
  2. Retractable. When opened, a significant part of the door swings outwards and slides away into the ceiling of the garage. If you prefer to automate your door with an electric opener, this type of door is the easiest and most suitable to utilize.
  3. Roller. This type rolls up into the garage ceiling. No door frame is required and it saves a lot of garage space.
  4. Side Hinge Doors. This is a conventional style whereby the doors swing out to the sides.  The outer part of the garage should be cleared in order to completely open the door.

The major concern when choosing your garage door is the type of material that will be used. You need to consider the style of your home and how insulated you want your garage to be.  This also provides you with the opportunity to have unique features, such as windows and a heated garage. The three main materials that are used in the construction of doors are steel, wood, and fiberglass.

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