How to Create a Beautiful Design for Your Hallway

How to Create a Beautiful Design for Your Hallway

Hallways tend to be the most neglected part of your home when it comes to decorating. You probably tend to put your nicest furniture and fixtures in your living room, bedroom, and kitchen, leaving your hallway relatively empty and bare. How do you transform your boring hallway into a beautiful design feature?

There are actually many ways you can renew your hallway and give it a fresh look.

  1. Start by selecting a great color. People pass through hallways quickly, so you can opt for bolder hues. Since hallways are visible from multiple rooms, however, just be sure you choose a color that complements and coordinates with your other color schemes.
  2. Use wall hangings. The entire atmosphere of your hallway can be instantly changed by hanging a unique piece of wall decor. You can also create a collage of family pictures or arrange a series of themed images.  Just make sure that the size of your wall decor is proportionate to the space.
  3. Add a small table. If there is enough space in your hallways to add a small table and still be able to pass through easily, it can serve as a beautiful design feature. You can then top it with a beautiful piece of art or a vase with flowers on it to add a touch of depth to the area.
  4. Put a runner in your hallway. A runner adds visual depth and immediately enhances the look of a hallway.  You can choose from different widths and designs to add texture and color to the space.
  5. Add a light fixture. Hallways are a perfect place to add interesting light fixtures.  Since there is very little in your hallway to serve as a distraction, you can add a statement piece to create an interesting focal point.

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