Choosing and Installing Wallpaper

Choosing and Installing Wallpaper

Decorating with wallpaper allows you to add more artistic and imaginative dimension to your walls. When imperfections are visible on your walls, wallpaper can also cover them up better than paint. Though it is a great addition to any home, installing wallpaper is a bit of a process, so before you begin hanging anything, be sure you take your time during the planning stages to be sure you choose a style that truly fits what you want.

Many different wallpaper types, patterns, and colors are available. In fact, there are so many options out there that you can find a wide range of possibilities regardless of your budget. If you’re considering adding wallpaper to your bathroom or kitchen, vinyl is very tough and perfect for those rooms because it can be scrubbed and cleaned and will not hold stains. When dealing with colors, select wallpaper that matches your personal preferences and overall design theme.  You can mix and match colors and textures as long as you choose options that complement each other and blend together nicely.

When it is time to install your wallpaper, the first thing you must do is prepare your walls.   Remove old wallpaper, smooth the walls, prime them with paint, and fill any cracks or holes. If you do not address bumps and gaps ahead of time, they will show through the paper and may even complicate the installation process. Also make sure that the wall is dry and clean to avoid damaging the stickiness of the wallpaper paste.

To ensure straight positioning, divide the wall into sections. Mark the divisions with a pencil and measure the dimensions of each section so that you will know how much wallpaper you will need. Cut the paper to the appropriate size, but add a few extra inches to the original measurements to ensure that there are no gaps in the patterns or blank spaces left on the wall.  Apply glue to each section and affix it to the wall.  If you are using wallpaper with self-adhesive backing, just peel back the wax paper inch by inch. Remove any air bubbles by pressing the paper firmly against the wall. Once the whole wall is covered, remove hand stains by going over the paper with a damp cloth, followed by a dry one.

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