Decorating Walls with Molding

Decorating Walls with Molding

There are many ways to decorate and improve your home’s interior walls. You may paint them with a refreshing color or adorn them with creative pieces like paintings or other decor. Another way to create impact and add character to otherwise plain and boring walls is to add molding.  Molding is a decorative strip of material with a multi-dimensional pattern that is used to cover transitional areas between surfaces, such as between walls and ceilings or floors.

When considering using molding on your walls, you first have to decide on the style you want, so you can determine how much molding will be needed, what type of profile will be most suitable, and which materials are best for the style you want. You can also consider supplemental adornments to go with your molding, such as panel boards, which add a dramatic statement to your walls. Boarded up paneling that is installed from floor to ceiling creates a classic cottage-style look. If you want to create a contemporary vibe in certain areas of the house, you can use chunky boards placed horizontally on the walls paired with simple white molding. Another way to use panel boards is wainscoting, which covers only part of the wall.

If you want a more elegant look on your walls, you can incorporate the picture-framing technique whereby you apply narrow strips of molding along the walls to evoke panels. You can determine the frame size depending on the available space, but keep the spacing between frames equal and the edges aligned to create a clean effect.

No matter what style you incorporate into your walls, be sure that you are aware of the basics of working with molding, especially if you want to install it yourself. If you’re not sure if you can handle the job yourself, hire a professional to make sure that the project is done properly and with good results.

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