Safety Tips for Entertaining at Home

Safety Tips for Entertaining at Home

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to home entertaining. Friends and loved ones visit frequently and may even stay for a night or two. If you are planning on hosting guests this year, evaluate the overall safety of your home to ensure that everyone has a safe, enjoyable visit.

Below are some useful tips for keeping your home safe for entertaining:

  • Check and organize your electronics and their cords. The last thing you want during a party is for kids to be playing with electric cords or someone tripping over wires or your electronic devices. Organize them so they do not get in the way.
  • Childproof your home. Always expect someone to bring their kids. In preparation for that, make sure that cabinets are secured, sharp corners are minimized if possible, and any toxic cleaners or potentially hazardous materials are out of reach.
  • Manage your home well with safety zones. Plan where to entertain all of your guests and when and where to let them into other parts of the house. For example, you can set the living room as the primary area where all of your guests can gather and invite only a few into the kitchen while you cook.
  • Think of safety outside your home. Is your pathway from your gate to your door well lit? Is it free from obstructions, such as piles of leaves or disorganized flower pots? Are there slippery areas in the path? Consider these safety precautions in advance, so you minimize the risk of anyone falling and injuring themselves.
  • Prepare your emergency tools. Make sure your smoke alarm is working. Have towels, rags, and other cleaning items ready in case of spills or other messes. Have a first aid kit on hand as well.
  • Keep your home well lit and well ventilated for your guests. Add more lights in dark areas and make sure that the heater is on a temperature that will allow people to feel comfortable.
  • Never leave the kitchen when you are cooking. There is no point in risking starting a fire with an unattended pot just because you want to hear a story that someone is telling. Your guests will understand if you are still in kitchen.

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