Paint Ideas for Your Kids Room?

Paint Ideas for Your Kids Room

Decorating a kid’s bedroom is like having playtime yourself. It is a fun process because you don’t have to follow any strict design rules.

There are several fun and easy painting ideas for kids’ rooms that anyone can do. You can either hire professionals to do the task or just do it on your own. This article provides some tips and ideas for your kid’s bedroom that will easily transform its look and feel.

If you decide to do a basic solid color theme for your kid’s room, there are many fun and exciting colors beyond the norm.  The trick is to use them in moderation, so they add to the overall design of the room versus overpowering it.   You can also choose paints that create the illusion of different textures like velvet. Magnetic paint is another option that allows magnets to stick to the wall, which provides hours of fun.

Painting murals onto the walls of the room is another great option. You can usually have an amateur artist paint your desired scene at a reasonable price.  Or, if you feel confident in your artistic skills, you can even do it yourself or use stencils to help guide you.  Murals can dramatically change the look and feel of a bedroom and can easily turn it into a fantasy world.

On other hand, you can also choose a certain theme that your kid is interested in.  Picking a theme can make it easier for you to figure out exactly what you are looking for when it comes to colors, bedding, window treatments, etc.  It will give you a clear picture of how you want to paint the room and what colors you will want to use. Animal themes are always great because they offer a wide range of sub-styles to choose from.  Other popular themes are sports for boys and princesses for girls.

Approach decorating your kid’s room with the mindset of a child.  Let loose and have fun and even let your  child assist you with some of the work.  It will give them an even greater sense of pride in the finished result and will provide you with fun, quality time together.

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