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Renovations Planned for Edmond Boulevard Academy

Renovations Planned for Edmond Boulevard Academy

Many people in Edmond still consider the old Boulevard Academy their school. It served many students over the years, but closed its doors in 1994.

The Boulevard Academy in Edmond is a 90-year-old structure that has served many high school students over the years. The academy served as the home of Edmond High School from 1924 to 1994. However, due to its old structure, the building was eventually left behind and no longer used to house the main high school.  Instead, it became an alternative high school, and Edmond students now attend their classes at Memorial High School.

It now remains a historical and memorable place, but it could still be viable for future classes if it went under proper renovation. Because of this, renovations plans have been put into place and have already started, so they can be complete in time for the new school year in the fall.

A $3.3 million budget has been allotted for the renovations, and the money was generated by the  the 2011 and 2012 bond issues.  Part of the renovations include an elevator from the first floor to the second floor. More restrooms will also be added, as well as new fixtures like doors and windows. Science and computer rooms will also be added where the old auditorium used to be. There will also be major infrastructure improvements to heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems.

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Kickoff Luncheon to Help Promote Autism Awareness

Kickoff Luncheon to Help Promote Autism Awareness

Autism has become more frequent in children than it used to be, and families that have kids with autism are deeply affected by the condition as well. They know how difficult it is to meet their child’s special needs, especially when it comes to communicating and socializing with other people.

To help promote autism awareness and kick off Autism Awareness Month, a Kickoff Luncheon will be held on March 7. Proceeds of the luncheon will benefit the programs of Autism Oklahoma, a charitable organization that provides special programs for families affected with autism.

The luncheon and auction will be from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the Will Rogers Theater. The luncheon is free and has a maximum capacity of  300 people. For the silent auction, many packed and individual items will be available, including a custom framed Jason Blackmon autographed print. Goodies from local bakeries will be part of the dessert auction.

In addition to the luncheon and auction, a raffle will be held during the event. Raffle tickets are available for sale without any limit on the number of tickets to be purchased. Ten tickets can be purchased  for $20.

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Senior Housing Development Approved by Edmond Planners

Senior Housing Development Approved by Edmond Planners

Senior citizens in Edmond will soon have more options when it comes to housing. There are currently no nursing homes or assisted living communities in the city, but Mon Abri, a proposed housing plan, would introduce an 87-unit housing development, including duplexes and offices for rent.

Mon Abri is being proposed by R.W. Development and will be located along Broadway and Covell Road. The plan proposes 87 units of duplexes and triplexes and up to five office building units. About 10.18 acres will be allocated to the housing units, while 1.59 acres will belong to the office buildings.

The Edmond Planning Commission has already approved the preliminary plan for Mon Abri with a vote of 4-1. Chairman Barry Moore disapproved of the plan due to the fencing issue brought about by the residents of Rock Hollow, a neighboring community.

According to R. W. Development, Mon Abri is ideal for seniors age 55 and above, but there will be no restrictions on the age of interested renters. Units up to five bedrooms will be available for rent with prices ranging from $850 – $2,000 per month.

A 18,000-square foot office building is planned for construction in front of the property, and there will be four more built in front of the Boulevard.

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Decorating Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Decorating Beyond Your Comfort ZoneOne day, you enter your living room and start to realize that it has the same look it’s had for years. You start rearranging the furniture and decor inside the room. But, when you step back to evaluate the new design of your living room, it still looks and feels exactly the same.

Simply rotating the same design throughout your living room, dining room, or bedroom can become boring. If you want to see something new inside your home, you need to get out of your decorating comfort zone and work on something bolder and more fearless.

Below are some cool tricks on how you can transform the repetitive look of your home interior to something new:

  • Change your artwork. The great thing about artwork is that you can easily change it. Update your artwork with new colors and concepts, so there is something more interesting to look at. Store your old artwork for future use because you never know when you may want to bring it out again for future use.
  • Use wallpapers in other places besides your walls. There is no rule that says wallpaper is meant only for the walls. You can update the look of your cabinets with beautiful wallpaper on the inside. Or, cover the doors of your cabinet with different patterns that pop out and adds color to the room.
  • Choose bolder lighting. Instead of blending your lamp into your living room’s neutral color, choose a bolder color for your lamp base, such as orange, red, or yellow. These warm colors will not only brighten up your day, but they will also offset the monotonous look of your living room. You can even explore colorful chandeliers.
  • Paint your furniture red. Wouldn’t a red dining room cabinet look attractive amidst your darker or lighter walls, table, and chairs? Find the courage to paint your cabinet, chair, or table red (or whatever color you like) for added attention to the room.
  • Use words. Try using quotes or jumbled letters for added decoration inside the room. Paint it yourself or have your kid paint one for you. It will be a lot of fun.
  • Enhance your staircase. Use a patterned and/or colorful floor runner to add more vibrancy to your staircase than plain wood.
  • Install bolder drapes. If your furniture and walls have neutral colors, add something lively via your drapes. You need not cover your entire window with a full drape. Use an elaborate hook on the sides to fold your drapes into place while letting the natural light come in.

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What to Do When a Home Improvement Job Goes Wrong

What to Do When a Home Improvement Job Goes WrongThere will always come a time when something goes wrong with your home improvement projects. You may hire an excellent renovation contractor, for example, but external and inevitable factors may arise that are out of their control. If something like that happens, it is good for you to know how to deal with the situation, so you come out ahead in a fair way.

The first thing to remember is that your hired contractor is not always to blame. Most of the time, he or she will do their best to make you happy and do a good job. When you encounter a problem during the renovation, try to be reasonable by first learning what the situation is before you begin pointing fingers. If you instantly blame your contractor, that will only create ill feelings between you, which can cast a negative light on the entire project.

Whenever there are problems with the project, talk to your contractor first. Ask more about the problem and what the cause of the delay or errors may be.  Also ask if there is still a chance to make up the time and materials without doubling the cost. Then, ask for suggestions from your contractor as to what they think the best thing would be to do. This shows them that you trust them, which in turn encourages them to live up to the high regard you are placing on them.

It is important to establish trust with your contractor since they are the expert on the project. You will express what you want from the project, but your contractor may have ideas that are even better or will create a more successful solution.  You need to give them leeway to show you their expertise.

As a homeowner, you also need to protect your consumer rights by creating a written contract prior to the start of the project. The written contract will indicate the agreed terms between you and your hired contractor, such as what results you are expecting, what materials are to be used, labor costs, etc.  That way, if a dispute arises during your project, you can refer to the written contract to review what was previously agreed upon. You also need to provide a copy to your contractor.

There are times when your contractor may be partially liable for the errors, and if that is the case, talk with them about how you can properly settle the issue. Establish terms that will protect you and your investment, while still making your contractor feel comfortable as well. Keep in mind that even if your contractor is not to blame, he or she should be held accountable for finding solutions to problems that occur during the renovation.

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Lighting a Small Space in Your House: How to Make It Brighter

Lighting a Small Space in Your House How to Make It Brighter

Small spaces at home are often dark and cramped.  Having to work in a small home office or eat in a small dining room makes it difficult to feel relaxed and comfortable. Although installing lights can help brighten the room, there are also other ways to do so using natural lighting, such as the following:

  • Add windows to let the sunshine in. Install a window in your small living room or dining room to make the space light and bright.
  • Cut an opening in your solid wall divider or install an interior window. If you have a huge divider in between two rooms that makes each room smaller, cut a long opening out of the top of it to create more open space. If you don’t want a huge opening, install an interior window instead. An interior window will help expand the feel of the room and also let the light come in.
  • Use thin, sheer curtains instead of thicker drapes. That way, even if you need to close the window with a curtain, the natural light can still pass through, making the room brighter. Use silky sheets in white or pastel colors.
  • Install a glass interior door instead of a solid hardwood door. Interior doors add class and style to a home, but the drawback is that they take up a lot of space.  Maximize the use of interior doors without compromising the space of a room by adding a glass panel or full glass door. This will allow you to see the other room and create more light for each smaller room.
  • Paint your small space white. Painting in dark colors will create the impression of a smaller, darker room. But, painting in white or other light colors will brighten the room.
  • Let the natural light reflect all over the room. Add a mirror to an opposite facing wall to help reflect the natural light and make the room brighter.
  • Use better lighting solutions, such as wall scones, chandeliers, and pendant lights. These kinds of lighting tools can provide the proper lighting for a room without taking up much space.

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Working with a Landscape Professional

Working with a Landscape Professional

When you want to increase the curb appeal of your home, one of the many things you take into consideration is landscaping. Having beautiful landscaping in your yard will enhance the look of our property and make our home appear more elegant. Lovely flowers in bloom, green grass,  stunning water features, and well-crafted stone pathways all serve as eye-candy for homeowners and potential buyers.

If you want to add a scenic touch to your yard, a landscape professional can help. Landscape professionals are experts in beautifying your yard and garden, so you can simply relax and enjoy them.  To make your landscaping project a success, it is important that you work well with your landscape professional. You will be spending a lot of money, so it’s important to communicate well the first time around because mistakes and changes can be costly.

So, how do you work well with your landscape professional?

  • Set a budget. Before you begin any home project, always set your budget first to evaluate whether or not you really can afford hiring a professional to work for you for a period of time. Consider the costs of hiring a professional, including labor and overhead.
  • Decide what you want and use it as a basis for hiring the right kind of landscape professional. There are different kinds of professionals that can work on your landscape, so you want to be sure you’re working with someone who will address your needs. A landscape architect will focus more on the overall structure of your landscaping, while a designer will concentrate on its aesthetic appearance. If you only need help in growing more plants, try working with a horticulturist.
  • Sign a contract prior to the start of the project. A written contract will provide support and security for both you and your hired professional. Make sure that everything you want and everything your landscape professional needs are described in the contract.
  • Supply the resources that your landscape professional will need. This includes access to a source of water, electric outlets, and added space for their materials and equipment. If you give your landscape professional what he or she wants, then your project will be done in no time.
  • Set the ground rules up front. You may be working with people you don’t know, so it is important to establish guidelines before you work with them. If you don’t want somebody to smoke on the job, you need to express that from the beginning.
  • Learn everything about maintenance before the project ends. Ask your landscape professional to teach you how to properly maintain your landscaping, so it can last for a long time.

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