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How to Make your Dining Room Ready for Summer

How to Make your Dining Room Ready for Summer

Summer is the time of year when kids are out of school, families go on vacation to other places or to visit relatives, or people simply stay put and enjoy free time in the comforts of their own home.

If you love to stay at home, but want to have more friends over during the summer, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your dining room to make it summer ready. You can make your dining room more attractive and ready for summer parties with these few quick tips:

  • Create a beach-themed interior. If you love going to the beach during the summer, why not make your dining room feel beachy as well and pretend you are on a vacation? Create a beach-themed dining room by decorating the area in blue and white. Set the table with a lovely centerpiece of sand, rocks, shells, coral, and blue glass bottles. Hang pictures of the ocean and decorate with beach-inspired art and decor like anchors and beach mats.
  • Freshen up your dining table with red and yellow. Warmer, brighter colors are great for depicting sunny, hot weather.  You can start with yellow and red seat cushions. Then, add an attractive centerpiece vase full of blooming flowers from your garden. Complete the look with yellow or red dinner wear and linens.
  • Go natural and bare. Make your dining room simple, yet elegant and ready for the hot weather. Remove heavy table cloths and replace them with either sheer covers, table runners, or nothing at all. Go bare on your table chairs and remove cushions as well. Add only a simple centerpiece to the table, so you maintain an open, clean look.
  • Make the room more airy. Open the windows and room dividers and make your dining room breezy and inviting. Add light and white window treatments to let the fresh air of summer in.

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Incorporating Rock Wall Designs into Your Home

Incorporating Rock Wall Designs into Your Home

Rocks are one of the most widely used materials for home construction. Oftentimes, they are used as part of the foundation, walls, or floors. There are many other ways you can use rock in the interior and exterior of your home, however.  Current home designers are integrating the use of rock wall designs to add more style and natural appeal to their homes. It is a great way to make a home feel more stylish and fresh.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a lovely landscape foundation using rock walls. Build a small wall around your flower bed to add to its overall design. You can make it curvy or straight to create a gardening style that is all your own.
  • Add rocks to your bathroom wall. We all want a bathroom that makes us feel comfortable and warm. Using natural materials inside your bathroom can achieve a more relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. Use a ceiling-to-floor rock wall by your vanity with varying rock sizes and colors.  Or, take it to the next level, and use stones as the floor of your shower.
  • Build natural patio seats. Instead of using wood or other materials, use a low rock wall for patio seating. It will easily blend with your patio and natural surroundings.  You can even modify the top of your seats for added comfort by using a flat and smooth stone or customized cushions.
  • Install a fountain on your courtyard. According to Feng Shui, adding moving water to your home can improve the flow of positive energy. A grand fountain at the end of your yard will provide a relaxing spot, where you can rest all day or meditate.
  • Surround your indoor fireplace with a rock wall formation. Normally, we see homes with fireplaces made of cement or brick. Why not use an alternative material? Large rocks piled around your fireplace can create a breathtaking visual. It will help make your fireplace a greater focal point and more inviting, especially on colder nights.
  • Build a multi-layer terrace outside your home. If you have ample space in your backyard,  build three to four layers of stone terrace to cascade down your lawn. Decorate each layer with blooming flowers of different colors and watch your landscaping transform before your eyes.

Heather & Alan Davis
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Making Room For Guests For This Thanksgiving

The holidays are definitely a hectic time — especially if you are the host. Get ready for this Thanksgiving by planning ahead and organize your entryway, closets, mudroom, kitchen and guest room. With less clutter and a few simple organizational tips you won’t feel overwhelmed — Senior Home Editor Anthony Santelli shows readers in this year’s November issue how to prep for guests, now it’s actually time to get to it!

When guests arrive they will either come in through the front door or your mudroom. Organize either your foyer closet or mudroom to be ready for the impending loads of coats, scarves, boots, gloves, hats and umbrellas. Here are a few useful ideas to help organize your entry way…

This entry way has a a Double Hang Closet Rod ($9.99 from The Container Store) — it provides the perfect extra space to hang double the amount of coats your closet usually can store. Extra hooks on the door come in handy for hand-bags and hanging scarves.

Here is a helpful and simple check list for you to follow for your guests’ bedroom:

  • Allot adequate closet and drawer space & provide hangers.
  • Have a full-length mirror in the bedroom.
  • Having a working alarm clock in the bedroom.
  • Invest in a few small touches in the room, such as bottled water, chocolate or fresh flowers.
  • If able to, provide a sitting area with a pillow and throw, an adjacent table, and a good adjustable-brightness lamp in the room your guests will be staying in.
  • Provide extra blankets for temperature control in the bedroom.
  • Provide reading material, including several magazines and a daily newspaper.
  • Stock enough towels, washcloths and hand towels for all guests.
  • Stock up on toilet paper and other necessities and make sure they know where to locate extras.

Having everything your visitors will need already in their reach will allow them the freedom to enjoy the wonderful visit that you are providing. Here are some other great ideas to include in your guests’ bathroom…

Having plenty of towel racks will keep wet towels off the floor and your guests will have dry towels the next time they take a shower.

Prepare for your company and the guaranteed of leftovers by organizing your kitchen so that you have plenty of space to store food. Its also a good idea to get your cabinets and drawers in tip-top shape, giving you easy access to platters, bowls, knives and other cooking accessories.

This is the dream refrigerator! The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, Martha Stewart Collection For Macy’s, and Snapware have some wonderful storage pieces for your refrigerator — like clear leftover containers, soda holders, wine racks, and shelf risers.

In addition to organizing your kitchen cabinets and closets — having folding chairs and tables in your home is essential if you are going to be the host for many people. Below are a few tables that would be perfect to use for the children to eat at, they would even be great places to arrange desserts or beverages. The folding chairs are also important, you don’t want to have uncomfortable plastic chairs for your guests — take a look at these gorgeous and comfortable pieces of furniture…

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Perfect for restoration over renovation.

We’ve added some of our favorite photos if you’re looking for Retro Kitchen design ideas.

Brooklyn Rowhouse, David Hecht Architecture, Photo copyright: Marc Lins Photography

From the blog, If you haven’t been to New York Cupcakes, you have to go, if only to check out the pink big chill fridge, which has me scheming and plotting to figure out how I can redesign my entire house around it. It would give me every excuse to buy that pink KitchenAid mixer that I’ve been salivating over for years, wouldn’t it?

Here’s a great cottage kitchen with a new retro dishwasher. You can’t got wrong mixing shaker-style white cabinets with our appliances. Take a close look at the countertop, too. It’s a solid green formica with 50′s style chrome edging. We’d call this cottage style but it can also go well at your beach or lake house.

Martha Stewart shot this retro-inspired kitchen for her magazine. If we had to describe this color, we’d call it a true pink. Not too fleshy, not to pale.

Check out our new retro dishwashers in this corporate office. Yes, that’s a surfboard in the middle of the kitchen! The counter stools and booths (far back corner) are vintage-inspired with modern fabrics.

This designer put our vintage refrigerator in an eclectic, loft kitchen. He wanted a burst of color to go with his stainless steel stove and hood. Don’t be afraid to mix eras with your appliances.

Fun retro-modern kitchen. All the walls are white in this room except the splash of blue on the far wall. The mid-century hanging light and Eames chairs compliment the Orange refrigerator.

Here’s a cool modern kitchen with a vintage twist.

We love our vintage fridge in this Beach house. Check out the cool floor!

Make a statement!


Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors

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How to Arrange Your Furniture for Better Room Flow

Having an empty space and huge furniture to fill it in can cause a huge design dilemma. How do you want it to look? Will your sofa be facing the right direction? Should your bed be positioned in a straight line or diagonally?

Furniture layout may appear to be as easy as pushing furniture around, but in reality, there is more to it than simply getting it to fit inside the room. You also need to think of how to create to openness, functionality, and style.

When it comes to furniture layout, the first thing that you want to do is to think of how you would like the room to look. Picture or lay out the specific dimensions and compare it with the size of your furniture. Think of how you would want your sofa set and other items to be arranged from a visual perspective

In addition to simply achieving a beautiful and well-organized room, you also need to be sure that it works for you. You will be spending time there, so you need to be sure it fits your lifestyle and will be comfortable to use.  Then, you can work out the small changes like moving this item a few inches to the left and repositioning that item to make more room for walking.

A good place to start is the living room. If you have a fireplace, that should be the focal point. If you do not have one, try to establish a particular area or item to become the basis of your layout. After you have chosen a focal point, place your sofa in front of your focal point. Then position your large coffee table in between your focal point and your sofa, while you balance the rest of your chairs on both sides. Make sure that your coffee table is larger than your side tables.

The important thing to keep in mind when positioning furniture inside your living room is to be sure that there is a walking space around each seat. Also, create a seating arrangement that will encourage conversation.

For your dining room, the furniture arrangement is easier since all you have to do is place your dining table in the center of the room and the chairs around it. However, if your dining area is a part of a much larger open space that flows into the kitchen or living room, the main goal is to create a distinctive space that is clearly designated as your dining area.  In addition, there are also rooms that incorporate storage areas for dining room essentials, which removes the need for addition items such as cabinets and buffets.  When space is quite limited, the most important thing to remember is to leave walking space so it is easy to use the dining table. Make sure that the space between the wall and the seats is big enough to allow people to walk around and pull their seats back without having to crawl out of them.

Finally, when it comes to your bedroom, the focal point can be either a large piece of artwork above your bed, a fancy headboard, the dresser, or a TV set. Your bed should be positioned based on these focal points, flanked with side tables on each side.   Just like in any other room, be sure to include walking spaces around the bed.

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Hot Hues for Fall 2012

September 21st marked the traditional start of autumn, and with the change of seasons comes cooler temperatures and a splendor of colorful foliage.  But the trees are not the only things to change color, as people begin to put away their summer clothing and break out sweaters, scarves, and boots in this seasons hot hues.  Pantone, who has become known as a worldwide standard for color, has released their Fashion Color Report for Fall 20120, featuring ten bold shades trending now.  But with great shades like these, why limit them to only clothing?  Here are a few great interiors that take advantage of these hot hues.

Tangerine Tango.

This sleek, modern kitchen pairs the bold orange with stainless steel appliances and contrasting black and white colors.  By using these neutral colors and featuring the “color of the year” in select places, the tangerine cabinets really pop without being overwhelming.{picture source}.


Honey Gold.

While it may be a new shade to the fashion world, honey gold is a historic paint color in architecture, and nothing shows why better than this traditional living room.  While alone, the burnt yellow shade may be a feature, here, paired with so much beautiful woodwork, the color acts as a backdrop, accenting the rich tones of the mahogany details and furniture.{picture from site}.

Bright Chartreuse.

This bold yellow-green hue shows daring confidence, whether on the runway or on the wall.  Paired here with bright aqua, the use of chartreuse gives this modern kitchen a lively, vibrant atmosphere.{image source}.

Olympian Blue.

There is no better way to make a dramatic statement than to pair a limited amount of a bright color with neutrals.  Here, the striking blue of the stove and vent stand out against the more neutral teal tile and white cabinets.  The use of Olympian Blue on the appliances draws the eye to the feature of this kitchen. {image source}.


This tranquil bedroom features this dusty shade of purple to help create a calming space.  The color becomes the focal point within the room itself, helping to create a serene, intimate atmosphere, balancing the bold view.{picture source}.

Ultramarine Green.

Another color which helps to create a serene oasis is this ultramarine green.  This deep blue-green hue, used on all walls of the bathroom, provides a lively juxtaposition against the neutral tones of the rest of the bathroom and the bedroom beyond.

Rose Smoke

While any of these hues could easily be incorporated into a space through wall color, another great way to add color is through accessories such as furniture. The pale pink on these Mademoiselle Chairs give the stark white space just a subtle hint of something more .{picture source}.

Pink Flambé.

In opposition to the subtlety of Rose Smoke, Pink Flambé doesn’t hint; it dares to be noticed.   Used as a feature wall so as to not overwhelm the space, it brings this otherwise gray bedroom to life.  The graphic pattern also helps to soften the starkness of the daring color.

French Roast.

Another great way to feature a bold color is to use it in an unexpected way or place – such as here on the crown molding and trim of this room.  If used as the main paint color, the boldness of this deep brown would have been dark and oppressive; it would have completely changed the way the space feels.  Instead, the select use of French Roast frames the space and sparks the curiosity.{picture source}.


And last but not least is a color that it seems can never go wrong:  Titanium.  This cool gray always looks clean and modern, such as here, paired with other neutral shades of gray and white.

Sourced from:

Heather & Alan Davis
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The Essentials for an Ideal Nursery

Planning for your baby’s room is an exciting thing.  In order to prepare for you little one, you need to be sure everything that you will need will be within easy reach.  You also want to be sure your baby is comfortable and safe.

So, below are the essentials you need to include in your baby’s room:

  • Crib

When choosing a baby crib, finding a durable material is essential to ensuring the safety of your baby.  Also be sure to choose a crib that is large enough to accommodate the baby as it continues to grow.  If you are having twins, you will either need an extra large crib or two separate cribs for each baby.

  • Changing Table

Choose a changing table that is multi-functional and matches your crib and nursery theme. Be sure it is the right height for you to be able to work easily when changing your baby. Add a soft pad on top, so the baby is comfortable while you change it, and also be sure it has several shelves below to hold diapers, linens, and clothes.

  • Rocking Chair

When it’s time to put the baby to sleep, a rocking chair is very helpful. It will provide a comfortable place for you to rock the baby to sleep, and it is also perfect for late night feedings.

  • Storage Solutions

You need lots of extra storage space for your baby’s toys, clothes, books, and essentials like diapers.  Baskets and bins will help you keep everything clean and organized if you label them based on what they contain.  You can even opt for colorful baskets to match the decor of the nursery.

  • Baby Monitor

Baby monitors give parents peace of mind by allowing them to keep track of how their baby is doing, even if they are in another room.  This is particularly helpful when you are sleeping at night or trying to get other things done while your baby is sleeping.

  • Light

Keep your nursery bright when the baby is awake and dark when it is sleeping. A lamp with a dimmer switch is the perfect way to control the lighting at night, and you can choose a style and color that fits the nursery’s decor.  Small night lights are also helpful.

Heather & Alan Davis
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