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Increase Kitchen Efficiency by Using Small Appliances

Increase Kitchen Efficiency by Using Small Appliances

Modern kitchen appliances make our lives more convenient. Whenever we have limited time to prepare a meal, we can always pop something into the microwave.  Ovens are essential when preparing big meals for holidays and for special occasions. And, of course, a refrigerator is a must for storing food and keeping everything fresh.

Though people tend to be drawn to big kitchen appliances, it’s good to remember how effective small appliances are as well. Toasters, coffeemakers, food processors, and blenders are also very helpful when it comes to keeping our kitchen functional and efficient.

What are some of the benefits of small appliances?

  1. Kitchen Organization – Small appliances are easy to store and do not require any floor space. You do, however, need to have enough counter space to use them. If you do not have room on your counters to keep them out all the time, tuck them away inside your kitchen cabinets or under the kitchen island.
  2. Time Efficiency – There is more time to spare if you have a coffeemaker making coffee for you in the morning while you’re getting dressed. You can heat your bread in a toaster while you prepare your things for work. Small appliances enable multi-tasking.
  3. Reduced Effort – You don’t have to chop as may fruits and vegetables when you’re preparing meals if you have a blender or a food processor around. They are also great for making purees and sauces, so you can be more in control of the ingredients in your food.
  4. Ease of Use – Small appliances are simple machines that do not need a lot of upkeep. Most of these appliances need only a plug-and-push mechanism in order to work. This makes kitchen processes much more convenient for you.

Small appliances can offer a number of advantages in your kitchen. They are also available at a reasonable price.  Choose appliances that meet your needs, so you can be more efficient in your kitchen.

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Does Your Garbage Disposal Need Repair?

Does Your Garbage Disposal Need Repair

Garbage disposals are a luxury and added convenience for any home because they help dispose of food waste in a faster and easier way.  If you have a garbage disposal at home, you most likely enjoy the benefits that it offers. However, when your garbage disposal doesn’t function well, it can cause a lot of hassle.  It is best to identify possible problems as soon as possible, so you can have your garbage disposal fixed before it becomes too damaged.

Here are a few signs that your garbage disposal needs repair:

  • A smelly disposal – Does your garbage disposal smell even after you run soapy water through it?  If so, your garbage disposal may not be working properly. One of the causes of odors smell in your garbage disposal is when scraps of food are not completely chopped, which means that your disposal is not functioning well.
  • Water is backing up – A major advantage of using a garbage disposal is to chop the food properly and help drain the water. However, if the water still backs up even after you turn on the disposal, it means that your garbage disposal needs repair.
  • Making too much noise – It is normal for a garbage disposal to make a noise when it is grinding your food. However, a major concern is when it starts to make too much noise. Have it checked and repaired as soon as possible so you can continue using your disposal. Otherwise, it can easily get damaged when it is making too much noise.
  • Not working – Is your garbage disposal not working when you turn it on? If so, then call a professional to fix it right away.
  • Leaking at the bottom – If you notice a leak at the bottom of your garbage disposal, then there is probably a broken seal on your disposal. Have it checked with a professional and let them seal your disposal properly.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors

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