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Grant Offered to Oklahoma School for Improvements

Grant Offered to Oklahoma School for Improvements

One of the major concerns among parents when selecting a good community is a good school. It is important that their kids be able receive a quality education, so that they are able to develop their minds and position themselves to be competitive when it comes to applying to college. Unfortunately, however, not all schools have the facilities necessary to provide their students with quality education.

As a part of the US Department of Education’s improvement projects, grants will be allocated to select states in the country in order to make improvements to low performing schools. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced that the grants will be used to enhance the facilities in low performing schools and also improve training for educators.

Oklahoma and nine other states are included in the national School Improvement Grants, and Oklahoma will be receiving a $5.5 million grant to help facilitate higher levels of education within its public schools.  The grant will be given to state agencies that advocate better education, and those agencies can then use the money to identify the needs of low performing school and create ways to improve the individual achievement of each student.

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