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Create a Welcoming Look for Your Home

We always want our guests to feel welcome and at home each time they visit.  There are many factors that play into achieving that, and perhaps nothing is as powerful as the first impression they receive when they walk up to your home.

Enhancing the curb appeal of your home will not only create a positive impression for your visitors, but will make you enjoy living there even more as well. Who doesn’t want to live in a house that feels welcoming each time you enter? This may become the perfect excuse to stay at home and enjoy time with your loved ones.

You will probably want to focus on the front yard first, since is what your guests will see first. Landscaping costs can add up quickly, so it’s not necessary to do a total rehaul.  Keep things simple and work with what you have.  The important thing is to be sure that everything is in its place and well-maintained, such as clean cut grass and no garbage.

Another thing you can do is make your entrance more visible and accessible. Oftentimes, visitors have difficulty reaching the entrance if there are obstructions in the way. Create a pathway for your guests that leads directly to the entrance of your home. It also creates an opportunity to add some flowers and lawn decorations, such as planter boxes or solar pathway lighting, for a nice added touch.

Don’t skimp on beautiful details for your front door. Sometimes, a lovely antique doorknob is the perfect thing to set an impressive tone for your guests. Perhaps an old lamp that sheds light onto the stoop will make them feel more secure. These may only be small things, but they can have large appeal.

When it comes to front doors, choose something that reflects the style of your home. It may be ornate with fancy glass work, or it may be a simple design painted to match the exterior colors of your home.  Pay attention to the details and you will find the perfect look for your home.

Also, enhance outdoor lightning. While your guests who visit you during the day may not notice it, it will certainly create an impression on your nighttime guests.  Not only is outdoor lighting functional, but it creates a certain air of elegance that highlights the best features of your home.

And lastly, make the entrance area in your home a living space. Create an ambiance that says, “You are welcome to our home.” Place some chairs for your guests to sit on or a table to put their things on upon entering your house. A coat and hat hanger will also add to a homey appeal.

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