Decorating Tips for Long and Narrow Rooms

Decorating Tips for Long and Narrow Rooms

A long and narrow room can be very tricky to decorate. Its limited, yet long space may not appear to give you enough space to decorate nicely without having certain areas that remain bare and plain. However, decorating a long and narrow room beautifully is very feasible, and it hinges mostly on how you arrange your furniture to create a wider impression of the room.

Knowing a few good decorating tips will help you take control of the room and make it look great.

  • Divide seating. Creating only one section of seating will leave bare, empty spaces on one end or the other.  But, dividing your seats into two groups will help you utilize these few spaces better and also create a more intimate setting. Group two to three similar chairs with complementing coffee tables. You may arrange them side by side or divide them with a long high table.
  • Place rugs so they will be completely out of the way or can be walked over. If you want to add an area rug under your sofa set, make sure that the end of it is away from traffic. If space is too limited to do that, pull it out all the way, so it can be walked over and bridge the gap between spaces.
  • Avoid lining furniture in a row. It only emphasizes the length of the room. Create a balance on each side by arranging furniture in clusters on both sides.
  • Create a focal point in the center of the room. This will divide your view and detract your focus from the length of the room. Avoid creating a focal point at the end the room and leaving the center hollow or bare.
  • Integrate stations in the room. Adding a few stations will make a long room cozier and shorter. For instance, add a mini-library on one end with a reading nook in the center and a small office area on the other.
  • Add more shapes to your furniture. This will reduce the linear impression that your room already possesses. Offset the narrow and straight line of the room with circular or oval-shaped furniture.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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