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How Does Home Moving Affect Children?

In all the hustle and bustle of a big move, parents can lose sight on what kind of impact such a large change has on their children. While a move across the country will have a bigger impact than a move across town, any kind of large change in their life is bound to effect them.

Possible Impact On Children

  • Leaving Their Life Behind – For children, the thought of leaving behind what may be the only home they’ve known can be incredibly difficult. Even if a child has moved before, another move can still be seen as a major upheaval. Familiar locations such as a school or church will be left behind. More importantly, the many friends that your child may have cultivated will no longer be an integral part of your child’s life, and leaving behind all the familiarity of their old home can be very difficult to accept for a young one.
  • An Unfamiliar Place – It may take some time for a new home to really sink in as “home” to a child. The sites and sounds will be different, they likely won’t know anyone, and they may experience feelings of loneliness and disconnect.
  • Your Stress Is Their Stress – Children often mimic adult behavior, and if they see their parents becoming overly stressed due to all the details and difficulties inherent in a move like planning ahead, getting the house organized, and dealing with companies that provide moving services, they may begin to emulate that behavior.

What You Can Do To Help
Even the most well-adjusted child is going to go through some anxiety in a move. As a parent, there are some things you can do to help your child adjust to their new home and situation.

  • Social Media – Thanks to services like Facebook, it is very easy to keep up with friends and family that live far away, which may help alleviate some of the disconnect your children may feel. Depending on your children’s age and maturity this may be a way to keep up with some of their friends. You can take advantage of other modes of communication such as phone calls or video chat to keep in touch with the people they left behind.
  • Social Interaction – While you don’t want your kids to forget about their old friends, it is important to get them out into the community to make new ones. School is the most obvious way to do this, but there are other avenues to take as well. If you are a church going family, then various church functions provide a great way for your kids to meet other children. Communities often have programs that can get kids together like sports or library reading groups.
  • Setting Up Their New Room – Kids need to establish a sense of identity and ownership in their new surroundings, and letting them take charge in setting up their new room can help them establish some roots.
  • Exploring the Town – A new location can be scary and unfamiliar to a child. Take some time to explore your town, either by walking around town or by visiting various shops and attractions in the area. The more your child learns about their new home, the more comfortable they should be living in it.

Above all else, you have to be there to listen to your child if they do have trouble adjusting to your move. Listen to what they say and offer an encouraging voice to help them through the transition. They depend on you to be their point of stability through everything, so don’t let them down!

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The First Things You Should Do After Buying Your House

Now that you have bought your new house, there are certain things you need to do first so you incur more cost with future home improvement expenses. This is to make sure that everything is set properly prior to your peace of mind in your new house.

Change your lock and key. Whether you have a brand new house or a home with a previous occupant, you need to change your lock and key to a brand new set. This will avoid worrying about previous residents easily accessing the property since they may have the duplicate keys on hand.

Check for damages. If you have already had a home inspection before, check again if there are places that inspections may have overlooked. If you find such damages, you can have your homeowners insurance to cover it. If the damage found is extensive, you may be able to negotiate with the previous owners on the cost of necessary repairs – though try to find these things before you purchase the home. Once the home has been sold, the seller may not be as gracious in negotiating home repairs.

Have your water system checked. If everything goes well and you only minimal problems (perhaps a leaky faucet), have it fixed right away. If damage is more severe, have it replaced by a professional. A properly functional water system will save you a lot of trouble as well as energy cost.

Cover the cracks – or better yet have it fixed. Cracks may be found in some parts of the house. Remember, most of the cracks are found within the foundation of the house so if these problems persist, you will be facing a major foundation dilemma in the future. Avoid such headache by fixing it immediately. To monitor the cracks, you can tape it and measure its length. Record it along with the date and after several months, see if it has grown longer or wider. Fix these immediately!

Inspect your air filter. Check the filter not only on your air-conditioning and heating units but also if you have a furnace, replace if necessary. This also helps out if you have any indoor allergies.

Check the house’s electrical. This will ensure that electrical wirings are properly set and not left with open wires at detrimental conditions. Also, have a professional to check the entire electrical system as they can provide you with advise on how to avoid fire in the future.

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Homeless OKC Children Benefits From School Program

Although we are still very much in summer here in Oklahoma City, most parents cannot help but think of the encroaching school year. While some parents are now thinking of school supplies, some parents are thinking if they can afford to have their children go to school for the next school year due to financial constraints.

The City Rescue Mission in downtown Oklahoma City is planning to have a school supply drive within the area. This aims to extend needed assistance for families who have fallen on hard times by providing necessary school supplies for their children.

According to Angel Earls, a resident of the City Rescue Mission and a single mother of three, the program is a great blessing for her since it can make a big difference in both her own life, as well as the lives of her children starting and continuing to go to school. There are about 30 kids excluding Earls children in the mission that need school supplies.

The school supplies needed in the drive are; pencil boxes, No. 2 pencils, blue and black pens, colored pencils, red pens, pencil sharpeners, glue sticks, child scissors, rulers, protractors, markers, wide ruled notebook paper, three ring binders, spiral notebooks, thesaurus, pocket folders with brads, highlighters, dictionaries and Kleenex.

There are also other items like; pants, jeans, gloves, hair brushes, socks, shoes, boys shirts, skirts, dresses, sweaters, shorts, hair ties, scarves, underwear, winter coats, girls tops, umbrellas, T-shorts, jackets and a $25 gift cards to Wal-Mart.

If you would like to help contribute to this cause, please check out their site:

Heather & Alan Davis
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Ways To Dry Out After Water Damage

Water damage is among the worst dilemmas faced by many homeowners. Sometimes caused by storm, heavy rains or other natural occurrences while other times it comes from within in the form of burst water pipes or overflowing toilets, sinks, etc. For whatever reason, you always want to save whatever you can after the unfortunate incident of water damage.

Here are some of the tips on how you can dry out your possessions quickly and alleviate the effects of water damage. Save your possessions quickly.

  • Dry most of your possessions within 48 hours. 

Dry your possessions as soon as you can but a term of 48 hours might still press your luck in salvaging many of your things. As much as possible do all your drying up within this time. Hang things up, take the blowdryer to books and magazines, it isn’t fun or fast but it is necessary unless you want to start from scratch.

  • Air naturally or mechanically

Make use of air as this can quickly dry things up. For natural assistance in drying your things, open your windows and doors so air can circulate. Also, you can open up your closets, drawers or even your cabinet doors to make sure no moisture is collecting in those areas which could lead to mould. As for mechanical support, have high powered fans in your house. This will truly enhance air circulation. And do not forget about the Shopvac!

  • Freeze all your papers

Yes, this means freezing your papers literally. But, you have to place these things first in plastic bags before freezing them in a frost-free freezer. You can freeze your photos, papers and wet books. The main idea is to prevent mold and mildew from forming before you can have the time and attention in drying these things. This will buy you time to focus on other things that usually damage faster. When all things are done, you can get your papers out of the freezer and start drying them.

  • Remove all soaking objects as soon as you can

If you have rugs and furniture that are soaking wet, put them out under the sun as soon as possible. This will help reduce the moisture inside. Also, linoleum flooring must be removed to enhance evaporation and throw away sopping-wet padding under the floor.

  • If you can absorb the moisture, do it

One way to beat water is by absorbing it out of your things. You can do this by placing water-permeable packages of desiccants with your wet things in a sealed container or even in sealed areas like your closet. Desiccants will be able to absorb moisture out of these things like sponge. Examples of desiccants are clay, silica gel and calcium oxide.

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Reasons You Need To Buy A House

If you are already considering buying a house, many of your family and friends will be encouraging you more. However, there may be times when you wonder on your own whether or not you should take the plunge and actually buy a home.

There may be doubts at times and circumstances that will make you think twice but there are always good reasons to buy a house:

If you buy your own house and have it under your name, then you own it whatever happens. This means that you have something that nobody can take from you or force you out of (excluding foreclosure, or condemning of a home for safety reasons, of course). Also, having a sense of ownership will enable you to decide whatever you want for your house. You can choose the color of your house, the interior design, the furniture and even who can live in it without any person, such as a landlord, reprimanding you on your choice.

This is very important to many people since it will give them a feeling of security once they see themselves and their family in a stable state. Stability would mean that no matter what happens, you and your family will still have a good shelter. If you have never owned a home before, this feeling is hard to explain and must be experienced to fully understand.

Buying a house is a good investment. Sure you have to pay for it monthly via your mortgage, but every payment you make will go to your equity and not to your expense as compared to renting. In fact, this is like saving in a piggy bank where you are obliged to fill it in monthly until the terms will end and you will have a huge equity in front of you. Yes, you may save more with renting each month. But, where does it go? Will you be able to see the product of your renting afterwards when you are ready to move out?

House prices are on the rebound
As we all know, the housing market in many parts of the country has softened. Luckily for those of us in Oklahoma – we have been relatively untouched by the housing bubble bursting. Yet, housing prices across the country are beginning to slowly but surely creep back up. Buying a home, putting in some TLC and maintenance is a fantastic investment and will only cause your house to appreciate in value.

You can have the best home for YOU
If you are renting, you may not be able to choose the kind of house you want for you and your family. Often, you may settle for the best in your limited choices but there will always be a much better house. Buying your own house will enable you to get the best house for you. You can renovate or repair whatever changes you want and incorporate whatever you desire for the perfect house.

Heather & Alan Davis
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Office Market In Downtown Oklahoma City Prospers

Downtown Oklahoma City is suffering a great lose of its major corporate anchor, Kerr-McGee Corp. Yet, despite such loss, the downtown area will witness a huge convergence of energy companies in the future years.

Devon Energy Corp. is now welcoming its future neighbor companies including the SandRidge Energy Inc., which is said to take over the grounds formerly owned by the Kerr-McGee. Larry Nichols, the executive chairman of the Devon Energy Corp., said that his company is starting to enjoy a reversed fortune in its neighborhood as many companies will start to grow within its locality. Other companies joining the group are the Continental Resources Inc. and the Enorgex, an OGE Corp. subsidiary.

The said convergence will conclude in an addition of nearly 1,000 individuals to the downtown workforce.

Nichols also added that the new addition to its neighborhood will be able to boost the future of the downtown area. The new plans will be able to enhance the critical mass, which basically is needed for a city to survive. The influx of companies will soon attract many employees to gather in the downtown area.

Chief executive officer of SandRidge Energy Inc, Tom Ward, said that his company is continually looking to transform the new headquarters including clearing of empty old building, renovating the historic Braniff Building for office and retail use and contruting the new amenities building at 120 Robert S. Kerr Avenue with the inclusion of restaurants, a fitness center, meeting rooms and a daycare center. Within the next few years, the company will expand its building at the Robert S. Kerr and Broadway.

Ward added that the planned construction of the other companies like Continental and Enorgex makes their move the right choice. He further added that the additional 1,000 employees will continue to attract more investments in the retail market including restaurants and shopping malls and will then enhance the vibrancy of the downtown core.

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White House Appoints New FHA Acting Commissioner

Carol Galante has now been appointed by President Obama as the new acting commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration. Galante will administer in overseeing the single family and multifamily programs of the housing division.

Since March 2009, Galante has already been in control of the FHA’s multifamily programs. Previously, she became the chief executive and president of Bridge Housing. Bridge Housing is located in California and is considered as the largest developer of affordable houses.

Galante, 56, is the second person to temporarily take over the position since April replacing Robert “Bob” Ryan, 50. Ryan previously took over the position from former FHA Commissioner David H. Stevens, 54, after assuming leadership at the Mortgage Bankers Association. A new and promoted role as a senior adviser to the HUD Secretary on housing finance reform and other issues is the new position Ryan will assume.

Shaun Donovan, the Housing and Urban Development secretary said that Galante is already equipped with a proven track record for the agency to keep moving forward. Galante will be in charge of the FHA’s mortgage insurance program given her background as a developer of affordable apartments. Currently the agency has more than 20 percent of loans on single-family homes in the country.

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