De-cluttering Your Living Room

One of the most important rooms in a house is the living room. It’s the area where families gather, entertaining takes place, and guests even sleep the night away.  With this kind of multi-functionality, it is important to keep your living room clean, organized, and inviting for your family and your guests.

A cluttered living room can create a negative, uninviting impression, which leads to family members retreating to their bedrooms or spreading out to different areas of the house, rather than gathering and spending time together.  That defeats the purpose of having a “living” room and leaves an entire area of your house unused.  So, if you would like to create a space where your family members can spend quality time with each other and that you are proud to show to your guests, it’s time to start de-cluttering.

Gather your cleaning tools, tap into your creativity and organizational skills, and check out these tips…

  • Remove everything that shouldn’t be in your living room. If there are clothes, shoes, cooking utensils, dining essentials, bathroom necessities, or anything else not related to your living room, remove them!  You don’t have to throw things away; just put them back where they belong.  In other words, tidy up.
  • Keep your floor as clear and as spacious as possible by limiting excess furniture.  A sofa set with a coffee table, a few storage devices, and an entertainment unit will provide you with everything you need for an attractive, comfortable living room.
  • Make use of versatile storage areas. Leave extra space on your coffee table to stack magazines and books. If you have an entertainment center surrounding your TV, make sure it has several storage compartments, so you can store your DVD’s, CD’s, wires and cables, and remote controls.
  • Hide your TV if you don’t use it that often. Entertainment units with cabinet doors that can be closed to cover the TV are an attractive option and they encourage other activities in the living room aside from watching TV.
  • Include a window seat to avoid having more chairs inside the room. A window seat can fit several people and is great for accommodating guests while entertaining.
  • Invest in organizational boxes and baskets. Designate newspaper racks, magazine displays, and other small things in your living room. Also, include a toy chest that can double as an extra table or seat.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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