Storage Ideas for Your Dining Room

When designing a dining room, we often overlook the practical purpose of dining room storage since most essentials needed for dining are found inside the kitchen. However, storage set in this room will not only produce extra storage for other house essentials, but will also provide a beautiful addition to the dining area.

Planning for good storage inside your dining room is now easier with several different ideas to choose from. Even though a dining area usually has limited space due to the huge dining table complete with dining chairs, there will always be that extra space for a storage area. Here are some ideas on how you can put a storage space inside your dining room.

  • Built-in cabinets. Nothing will ever go wrong with built in cabinets as these can serve three purposes – beauty, space, and ample storage. Built-ins are usually customized according to the space and from of the area so it fits well. You can even use the space above the cabinet for ceramic displays.
  • Built-in shelves. Shelves are great for display. To make your dining room more intimate for the family, place some family photos and family treasures on the top shelves. You can fill in the rest of the space with other things like books, small vases, or other souvenirs from a holiday trip.
  • Buffet table. If your house is often a venue for gatherings, you might want to consider a buffet table. Buffet tables are ideal for group celebrations since not everybody can fit at the dining table. Also, the empty space beneath the buffet table can be an ideal space for additional storage. You can place some of your china and close it with glass cabinet doors or perhaps cover it with a wooden door to store away extra plates and utensils or table linens.
  • Wine rack and table linen storage at your table legs. Who says your dining table is only for eating? Now, you can also store some bottles or your table linens using a built in small cabinet at your table legs. Customize your dining table so you can make your table legs an extra storage space for your dining essentials.
  • Window seat drawers.  If you have a window seat in your dining room, convert the empty space beneath it for table linen storage or extra cushions for your dining chairs.
  • Room divider. Usually, small houses combine the living room and the dining room in one limited space. To separate the two rooms, place a tall cabinet that will divide both rooms as well as give you more space for storage.
  • Traditional dining room cabinets. There are a lot of cabinets that are designed for dining room use. Make use of these storage options for your dining room essentials.
  • Baskets and Bins. Use baskets and bins to organize your plates, utensils, and table linens. You can place these baskets on empty shelves inside your dining room or your can have your dining table customized with hollow spaces to fit baskets and bins.
  • Small trolley. Have a small trolley inside your dining room for wines, teapots, cups, and glasses ready to serve your guest at anytime.

Heather & Alan Davis
Oklahoma City Realtors


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